Expertise: Skills & abilities

Thanks to experience gained, the regular involvement of our staff in European research projects on technological innovation and the constant professional updating of our team, Intempra offers reliable, effective and innovative IT solutions. We are a Web agency that designs and implements  products tailored for business that aim to:

  • Stand out in online market 
  •  Boosting the performances of sale
  • Improve communication and relationships with their customers and stakeholders

     Primary goals for our team are:

  • The outcome of the project in terms of real economic/commercial benefit for the customer  
  •  The financial commitment, which should be sustainable, proportionate to the resources that the customer can allocate

      Why do companies choose us:

  • For our e-Commerce websites which marks the difference in consumer's online buying experience, with regard to data protection, accessibility and product catalogue organization
  • For implementation of dynamic, usable and well designed websites, featuring original graphics and tailored layouts  
  • Graphic banners, posters, "logos" in partnership with top level graphic agencies
  • CRM desktop applications and management
  • Seo and adwords expertise
  • For web analytic skills required to monitor the effectiveness of the website and web advertising campaigns
  • For the implementation of apps and mobile devices solutions
  • For ongoing technical assistance to the customer both during and after implementation
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